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Know The Sims Mobile Cheats And Hacks Here

The Sims is a very popular game across the masses which is developed by “Maxis” and published by “Electronic Arts”. A mobile version of this game has also been recently developed which is published by EA Mobile and has been very successful.  The game was launched in May 2017 and has gained immense popularity ever since. It is available for Android and iOS devices. The game is very interesting and addictive. The original version of “The Sims” was released in 2000 for Microsoft Windows.

The game consists of various missions such as event missions, daily missions, and daily tasks. On having successfully completed any task or mission one can earn rewards such as coupons, cupcakes, and in-game currency or experience points. One will also be able to reach new levels quickly.

Sims are basically persons created by the player that have virtual existence. In the game, you can create various different avatars for yourself.

 Various tricks have been developed to make the Sims Mobile cheats tool easier and speed up one’s progress, thereby making it more interesting. Some of the very popular cheats are listed below –

  • To unlock all sim slots – To unlock the sim slots one can invest the SimCash that they have, which will, in turn, result in them receiving more, frequently. There are two main currencies in The Sims, Simoleons, and SimCash. You can use either of them to make purchases. One can earn some Simoleons by watching videos as well.
  • To earn SimCash –SimCash is the primary currency in the game and earning it is a bit difficult. It can be used for buying clothes and accessories. You can buy more SimCash through the means of real money.
  • Earning tickets – The game provides players with 10 different kinds of tickets. They cannot be purchased and can only be earned by completing various tasks and missions. Through tickets, one can purchase clothes, accessories, and hairstyles.
  • Time Cheat –One needs to wait for everything in the game although there is a trick for that as well. By altering the time on your device, you can increase the number of hours to complete a house. Due to Sims being a server-based game, it synchronizes the time with it. But you can trick it by turning off the automatic time synchronizing on your mobile device and change the time manually. The same trick can be used for almost everything in the game.
  • Watching Videos – You can earn extra SimCash and Simoleons by watching 30-second-long videos. In a way, it is actually a pretty sweet deal since you actually have to do nothing other than watching a video and earning some extra cash. But, if you’re not on Wi-Fi and are using mobile data, then it is better to skip these videos since they will manage to eat up a lot of data from your plan. They usually come upon completing some event.

The sims mobile cheats mentioned above are some great ways to enhance your experience when playing The Sims Mobile and make it more interesting and entertaining.